4 Ways Small Business Owners Can Upgrade Their Office Environment

Make your business an enjoyable place to work. Maintain a great team, and provide a clean, safe, comfortable office environment. Improve your lighting, and improve communications. This should help your business to be a happy place where employees enjoy working. The environment is important to employee retention.


Maintain a Great Team


Choosing the right people is the first step in providing a good work environment. While people with the needed skill set are vital, look for people who should be a fit for your culture. Hire great team members, and replace problem employees sooner rather than later. Employees who do a bad job or have a bad attitude can have a damaging effect on your team.


Make Your Office Comfortable


Working in a clean, safe, comfortable office can have a significant impact on your entire team. Make your office an enjoyable place for work. Make your business a happy place. Employees are less inclined to leave a company where they feel good. The environment in your office is important to employee retention.


When possible, choose office space with windows and natural light. Give employees the freedom to customize their work areas. Provide comfortable chairs and the option for desks where employees may either sit or stand. Use good work furniture, and maintain equipment that is working properly. Trust employees to take breaks as needed and manage their own time.


Improve the Lighting


The importance of lighting to the office environment is often overlooked. Lighting affects both performance and attitude. Studies have shown that natural light exposure improves energy and mood with a significant impact on productivity. If you can provide natural lighting, do so.


If you can’t incorporate natural light through windows, use other options for lighting. Blue-enriched light bulbs have been shown to increase happiness and improve work performance. Use blue-enriched light lighting in brainstorming rooms. In break rooms and meeting rooms, use warmer lighting to promote relaxation. In conference rooms, try to use middle tones that are welcoming to workers and will help keep them alert.


Improve Communications


Keep your employees informed, and be as transparent as you can about developments with the business. Employees appreciate a leader who communicates well and seems to care. Employees are motivated when they receive positive reinforcement and are told how their contributions help the business be more successful.


Upgrade the Environment in Your Office, and Enjoy the Benefit of Happier Employees


These four simple things should allow you to upgrade your office environment. The benefit should be happier, more productive employees.

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